-:- Warrior Witches Cross Quarterly Kits -:-

This is a safe space for folks to explore their potential, share, create, & be the magickal beings that we are. On each cross quarter holiday in the pagan traditions a box will be sent to you with potions, spells, self care rituals, and info on how you can be an earth warrior! It will start with Lughnasadh also known as August eve which marks the beginning of harvest season. The cost is $44 each quarter for a plethora of pagan insight & magickal musings all relating to what is happening in the earth and sky during that cycle. The first box will ship out July 25th so it is received in time for Lughnasadh, the second will be a week before Samhain, the third before Imbolc and the fourth before Beltane. The items and info provided in these kits are your guide to inner reflection and transformation. 

Warrior Witches are powerful beings who build community resiliency, have deep connection the earth, are fed up with the patriarchal paradigm, and work toward creating a world where people of all genders & races can feel safe and thrive. We aim to heal, love ourselves fully, explore, discuss, & learn tools to live a life that is radically fulfilling. Not only do warrior witches focus on our own healing but we pay it forward, we heal ourselves to heal the world. In order to make a lasting impact we must do own own self work which never fully finishes but is a practice. Once we have done a bulk of our own self-work though it's imperative to focus more on community healing and growth. By utilizing this new found self-awareness we can harmonize our skillsets and offer them to the land and the people to promote global wellness. We have the full capability to lead the lives that we dream of! By working together, dismantling limiting beliefs, and helping individuals suffering we can help aid global consciousness.  

Witchcraft is a practice that people of all different cultures have abided by for many generations. It is an earth based religion of syncing the mind, body, and soul with the cycles of nature. Magic is intentional work in order to receive synchronicity. Some may disagree but the way I have learned it is that magic isn't something miraculous that just happens it's when we have an intention and work with our conscious AND unconscious mind in order to receive it. This is why shadow work is such a huge part of witchcraft and witches got a bad rap for so long (or one of the reasons). It's because witches make incredible things happen by understanding their darkness and demons. It's the key to manifestation. If you have ever tried to cast a spell and it didn't turn out how you hoped one reason may be that you are disconnected with an entire half of your psyche. For most we know this as the unconscious mind! In the Warrior Witches kits each cross quarter holiday you will receive practices, rituals, and potions aligned with the time of year for inner exploration into the depths of your psyche. In turn you can use this self work to help make a difference in not only your own life but that your greater community. This is the goal of these subscription boxes. 

Click this link to sign up for the first Kit which focuses on Lughnasadh the pagan holiday of the first harvest of the year. During August eve we give thanks for the abundance that we are receiving from the earth and  for the Sun King for shining bright and providing bounty.

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