“It takes courage...to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives."

~Marianne Williamson

This quote strikes true for me. Self-discovery is the tough path, it is the road less traveled. It is not necessarily easy to look within and face our past hurts and regrets in order to move forward. In my experience it is essential though in evolving as a human being and becoming ecstatically alive.

In order to be present and in the now we need to heal our trauma and shift our stories.This takes patience and a lot of self inquiry. If we face the darkness and build relationship with it we can dance in the light with more ease. 

 Photo by: Brandon Donaldson

Photo by: Brandon Donaldson

In these sessions I will work with you on tools for building empowerment, self love, & manifesting your desires. I will create a personalized workbook for you that highlights what is most important in YOUR journey of self discovery. We each need something different in our exploration toward healing and it is my mission to tend to your needs. 

What I offer in these sessions:

  • A safe space to open up

  • Tools to claim your independence

  • Personalized Astrological insights

  • How to journey within in order to find your true passions in life

  • How to transform thought patterns

  • Self love exercises

  • Daily rituals for a more inspired and balanced lifestyle

  • Individual mantras for empowerment

  • Health, nutrition, and herbal guidance

  • The art of intention setting

  • Sacred altar building

  • Facing the shadow self in order to discover the full aspects of you

  • Heightened self-acceptance and awareness

  • Facing your blockages & fears

  • Attuning to your higher calling

  • The steps to making your goals come to fruition

Financial Exchange:

Initial consult 1.5 hours $99     Follow up 1 hour sessions $77

4 Session Soul, Spirit, & Body Package:

In these meetings we will work with the three principles of alchemy which are soul, spirit, and body. We will go deep into connecting with these aspects of yourself in order to gain more insight and awareness into who you are and work toward transforming into your most radiant self!

This package includes an initial 1.5 hour session, a custom essence blend, three 1 hour long sessions, a workbook with self care rituals and exercises tailored to your specific needs,  & a thirty min check in call one month after our sessions end.

Financial exchange: $333

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $111

Value: $444 Save: $111

6 Session Elements Package:

In these sessions we will delve into the elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether and how these correlate to our lives. When we understand the elements of nature and the universe we can comprehend them within our own being and gain deeper insight into who we are. This aids us in being the most empowered and vibrant versions of ourselves.

This package includes an initial 1.5 hour long session, a personal elemental anointing oil, five 1 hour long sessions, a workbook tailored to you, a 45 min check in call one month after our sessions end, & an amulet with herbs and crystals in it with your specific intentions.

Financial Exchange: $555

Payment plan: 3 payments of $185

Value: $699 Save: $144