Opal Elements is a conscious business created by Clinical Herbalist Julie Benefico in 2015.  We sell organic handmade herbal products for promoting self care. These potions are made one by one with ritual and intention to promote potency & magick.

The name Opal Elements is named after Julie's birthstone opal which absorbs and reflects light picking up thoughts and feelings. Opal digs deep into our buried emotions and desires & illuminates them for self reflection. Elements represents the five elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, & Ether. These are what the universe is made up of and by having connection to the elements we therefore gain more understanding of ourselves and our soul purpose. Together Opal Elements signifies that by gaining deeper relationships with the elements and working toward inner healing we can achieve cosmic consciousness and are able to transform into our most radiant selves.

Opal Elements isn't just a product line it is a forum for healing all aspects of self. We are building a community called Warrior Witches that brings women together to cultivate empowerment and self love through sisterhood & ceremony.  Julie also offers consultations for holistic healing  with a focus on physical & mental conditions. Using herbal medicine, diet, nutrition, pulse & tongue analysis, and uncovering emotional trauma, Julie creates herbal formulas to constitutionally aid ailments and promote health. Additionally Julie offers Self Discovery sessions & Alchemy coaching sessions. These focus on transforming past traumas into our highest self, uncovering your calling, and learning self care rituals to create the life that you desire. For more info check out the consultations page!

Julie's mission

 "I was who I now am ambitious to help. I was depressed and didn’t sleep for years, I had very little confidence and just wondered who I was and what the world was about. Then I became committed to healing and “finding myself”. During this process of self inquiry I worked through trauma and found my passions and desires. I fell in love with myself and the world. Now it’s my mission to help facilitate this process for other people and to teach them self care practices. I strive to give people herbal medicine that is helpful in the journey of loving themselves and one on one care to specific to their individual needs."


I grew up in Stamford, Connecticut and moved to Big Sur, California in 2013. I was always a curious person eager to uncover truth and fight for justice. I came to Esalen in Big Sur essentially to learn who I am & surprisingly I figured out some key pieces pretty quickly. I studied leadership & Gestalt therapy while at Esalen & took workshops in an array of transformative subjects. By January 2015 I realized it was my time to leave and study Herbal Medicine in Berkeley, CA.

At Ohlone Herbal Center I learned western herbalism through plant identification in different CA climates, the systems of the body and what herbs to use for them, plant spirit medicine,  how to make herbal medicine & flower essences, case studies, pulse diagnosis, tongue analysis, & so much more. I graduated as a Certified Western Herbalist in October 2015 and started the Clinical program shortly after. In the student clinic I met with many clients for a diverse collection of health issues including depression, stress, hypo thyroid, high blood pressure, chronic back pain, head trauma, hormone imbalances, and much more.

I work with clients in all aspects of life to heal and focus transforming past trauma in order to be present now and promote wellness. I am a feminist fighting for peace and equality and it is my mission to unite all types of people and help empower those in need.