Holistic Herbal Consultations available in person in Santa Rosa, CA or Oakland, CA

Or Phone & Skype Consultations available as well!

To book a consultation click here: https://calendly.com/julie-benefico

In the Clinical sessions we will meet one on one with an hour and a half first intake session and all sessions after that being one hour. I recommend meeting consistently every two weeks for the first two months or longer in order to build report and focus on healing.

My approach is to gain an understanding of who you are and the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual imbalances that are arising for you. I will do a constitutional intake by seeing what is happening in all of the systems of your body and asking questions about your past medical history. As well as getting to the root of your physical issue by exploring past emotional trauma and working toward healing those wounds as well as your symptoms. I will also help guide you to find more balance in your life through addressing your home life, relationships, self care, and much more.

I will make you a custom herbal formula as a tincture or tea as well as provide a list of lifestyle recommendations to add to your daily routine such as diet advice, self care rituals, & supplements to take. 

Meeting with me may be beneficial to you if experience any of the following:

  • Anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, or other mental/ emotional difficulties

  • An injury past or present that is still causing pain & discomfort 

  • Allergies, Asthma, or other respiratory issues

  • Kidney infections, Urinary tract infections, incontinence, etc.

  • Hormonal imbalances, strong period cramps, PMS, etc.

  • Adrenal fatigue, possible or known thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies, high blood pressure, dementia or Alzheimers 

  • Arthritis or other muscle and joint conditions

  • Digestive issues such as IBS, acid reflux or GERD, chronic bloating & gas, rapid digestions, constipation, etc.

  • Help with diet & nutrition

  • If you are in need of self care and working through some emotional turmoil

  • Eat disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and binging

If any of this resonates with you please email me for a consultation at julie@opalelements.com

Financial Exchange

First 1 hour & 15 min intake session: $111 + the cost of herbs

1 hour follow up sessions:$88 + the cost of herbs

To book a consultation click here: https://calendly.com/julie-benefico