Autumn Equinox Incense Making

At Farmacopia in Santa Rosa 9/18 from 6:15-7:45

Burning Incense is an ancient practice used to cleanse and purify a space, connect to spirit, and become more grounded. As we enter into Autumn a time that begins the decay of trees and plants we begin to look inward and slow down. Herbal incense can be a supportive tool as the wheel of the year turns. Join Herbalist and Modern Witch Julie Benefico for an evening to welcome Autumn in ritually by connecting with herbs, resins, and roots to celebrate the season of balance and harmony. The equinox is also called Mabon in European pagan traditions and represents the second harvest of the year. In this class we will share gratitude and reflect on the bounty we have in our lives and notice patterns of imbalance. We will set intentions for bringing more clarity & alignment into our lives, learn about Fall equinox plants, and make incense cones to take home!  

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Summer Solstice Sun Potion Making 

At the Scarlet Sage in San Francisco June 21, 7:30-9:30 pm

In this hands on workshop we will connect with the pagan holiday Litha, also known as the Summer Solstice! It is the lightest and longest day of the year as the sun is at its peak and mother nature is fully blossomed. This is a time of celebration of the light and also honoring that the darkness is soon returning. We will connect with some herbs correlated to midsummer and I'll share about their medicinal and energetic properties. We will explore the folklore of Litha and how celebrating this holiday can help us connect more to nature and to ourselves.

Then we will make a communal Sun Potion using herbs that are at their peak during midsummer and everyone will get to take home their own Elixir.

This ritual is for magick makers to playfully engage in this fire festival, learn more about herbs of the Sun, and connect to their individual passions & inspirations!

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