Herbal Insights for Lunar Eclipse July 16th 2019

Happy Capricorn Full moon partial lunar eclipse! This blood moon brings an opposition between the sun and moon and heightens awareness of the darker aspects of self. This moon is in Capricorn the sign of practicality, working hard, determination, and stability. The sun is still in the intuitive and emotional Cancer. A message this eclipse offers is to bring attention to balancing the earthy practical side of self with the sensitive and creative aspects of self. When we can bridge these aspects of self anything is possible! The tricky part is facing the shadow and aligning our earth & water.

This is a potent opportunity to heal, transform, and grow into our true purpose. Mercury as well as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all in retrograde right now making this an especially intense moon. Take this opportunity to look within and detox the stories, people, and projections that are no longer serving you. One way to begin this journey of ridding blockages, fears, and doubts is to work with plant medicine. Herbs can be our allies during these influential cosmic moments! Some herbs to consider working with this lunar eclipse are mullein, horsetail, mugwort, lemon balm, & damiana. 

Mullein is ruled by Saturn and Mercury and corresponds to the sign of Capricorn. It brings grounded comfort and helps us communicate our needs. Mullein leaf has an affinity for the lungs and can help soothe and loosen stuck mucus and relieve coughs. The root supports lubrication of the joints, bones, and fascia creating structural alignment. Drink mullein tea or include in your herbal smoking blend to cool down the summer heat and bring stability to emotional uproars. 

Horsetail is ruled by Saturn and related to the sign Capricorn as well. This plant is rich in silica, calcium, and other minerals helpful for hair growth, skin regeneration, and bone support. Horsetail strengthens connective tissues and can help rid urinary tract infections because of its astringent and diuretic action. Energetically horsetail strengthens boundaries and helps bring alignment to one’s path. I’d recommend drinking this in a nutritive tea blend.

Mugwort is ruled by the Moon and corresponded to Cancer. Mugwort has an affinity for the dream state & can be a bridge between our conscious state and sleep state. This can help bring awareness to unhealthy patterns we may otherwise not be able to see. This herb is hormone balancing, anti fungal, relaxing to the nervous system, and is a bitter digestive aid. Put under your pillow, anoint oil, or drink as a tea for nourishing the dream time and enhancing your imagination.

*Not for use during pregnancy. 

Lemon Balm is ruled by the Moon and Venus and is correlated to the sign Cancer. This plant relaxes the nervous system, uplifts mood, is anti viral, and a digestive tonic to name a few of its wonderful benefits. Magically this plant helps bring balance to emotions and attract romance. Work with this plant as a tea, tincture, or infused oil.

Damiana is ruled by Pluto the planet of rebirth and transformation and the sign Scorpio. Damiana is an aphrodisiac, relaxing to the nervous system, and is a mood elevator. Energetically this plant is useful for enhancing the third eye for psychic visions and new perspectives. It helps folks look within and reveal aspects of their shadow self. Drink as a tea, burn in incense, or use as an oil.

Incorporating these magical plants into your repertoire can help to promote profound growth and stability this Eclipse! Check out your local herb shop to get a tea blend or make your own oil. Opal Elements Saturn & Moon anointing oils would be great combo as well! Check them out here: https://opalelements.com/products?category=Planetary+Anointing+Oils

Written by Clinical Herbalist Julie Benefico of Opal Elements Cosmic Apothecary

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