-:-Warrior Witches-:-

This is a safe space for folks to explore their potential, share, create, & be the magickal beings that we are.

Warrior Witches are powerful beings who fight for we believe in, we don't back down, and are fed up with the patriarchy. We have been taking care of others too long and now we are ready to focus on ourselves. We want to heal, create community, love ourselves fully, explore, discuss, & learn tools to live a life that is radically fulfilling.

Workshop series: Alchemy & Magick for Warrior Witches

In this series we will create a magical tool kit of empowerment and self care practices for radical living.

You are a warrior witch if you are fighting against the patriarchal paradigm, looking to build community, have a deep connection to Mother Earth, see the magick that is all around,  and are aiming to create a resilient world where people of all colors and genders can feel safe & thrive. 

In this workshop series we will delve into the layers of the ancient art of Alchemy, which holds secrets into creating harmony within and without. Each class will look at one of the three principles of alchemy which are Sulfur (soul), Mercury (spirit), & Salt (body). When we have a more concise understanding of these principles and how they integrate with the rhythms of nature we create peace and solidarity in ourselves and our communities.

In each class we will make a potion that represents one of three essentials as well as learn more about ourselves in this process of self-inquiry. We will share our experiences, do self care rituals, learn about altar building, talk about herbal alchemy, and empower each other to be the most bad ass version of ourselves possible.

Being a Warrior Witch is about being an ally, healing our communities of past trauma, and creating ceremony and magick in all that we do! If you feel called to connect deeper with the elements and the cosmos please join!

Dates: Three Mondays from 7:00-9:30 pm

November 27th 

December 4th 

December 11th

Cost: $22 each or $55 if you sign up for all three!

There will also be a $5 materials fee due at each class.

All genders, sexual orientations, and races are welcome <3

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